An exciting adventure for creative kids where they have fun creating their own Robots, VR Games, Furniture, Costumes, and more using Cutting Edge equipment all while being supported by our Talented and Engaging mentors and a curriculum that is built from the ground up and truly customizable to each child!

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Junior Makers
(ages 9-11)

Build Robots, Program Games, Design your own products and learn the coding, circuitry, engineering, and design that make our every day world possible!

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Group Programs
(ages 6+)

Let us help you build the ultimate STEAM program for your home school, organization, or private group!

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Guild Hall Studio
(ages 12-18)

A dynamic studio for your teen to discover and foster their passion! Students work solo or in groups to design, communicate, create, and troubleshoot their way through projects and inventions of their own choosing.

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(ages 9-18)

Guild Hall provides seasonal camps in STEAM education. Our camps include engineering, robotics, coding, and art and design. These camps are for students 9 years old and up.

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What makes guild hall

Every Kid A Creator

There are no rinse and repeat projects, all of our students from the earliest ages are presented with the tools and freedom to create their own solution to whatever project, problem, or task is asked of them.

Every Kid a Problem Solver

For our younger learners, all lessons and projects start with a problem and a story.  Each student is brought through the process of understanding and empathizing with the story teller, learning and asking questions so they can figure out their own best solution.

Older learners are presented with situations where they don't have all the information and are allowed the freedom and flexibility to discover their own problems! Real engineers and artists rarely get the answer before the test, we teach kids how to navigate the unknown, formulate useful questions, and arrive at their own solutions.

Fail Early, Fail Often, Fail Forward

Creation is messy and you can never create something new if you're not willing to fail a few times along the way. What is important is that you learn and continue on. We employ failure based learning methodologies to help students learn resilience, debugging, and iteration by simply allowing them the chance and freedom to make mistakes and learn from their experience in a fun, supportive, and encouraging enviornment.

We meet our students where they are

There are no cookie cutter projects here, we have designed each of our programs to challenge our students to explore and create their own vision while being guided by experienced and passionate teachers and mentors. We have separated our programs out to make sure that we are not only supportive skill wise, but also social emotionally for each child as they grow and mature into future engineers, artists, and leaders.
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