Why Guild Hall?

Give your child the tools to create

The world of the future is going to need a new generation that knows how to speak a more technical language. At Guild Hall, students are learn using industry standard software and tools, allowing them to learn not just the concepts, but the actual application.

Kid learning robotics at guild hall

Invest in an enriching experience for your young maker

The best thing that we can do for our kids is to prepare them well for the future that they'll be living with. We seek to give kids the tools and experiences that they'll need to be successful later on. The earlier that you can expose kids to useful technologies and a problem solving mindset, the better suited they'll be in a future related field.

Our memberships give your children access to the tools and experiences which will enable them to code, create, design, and build tools for the future.

Guild hall is a fun and safe space for creative freedom

Most importantly, we want to give your child a safe space where they can extend their creative abilities. Everything from our curriculum to our tool and material choices are crafted specifically for creative kids and teens to feel confident exploring and expanding their passions.

Everyone who walks in our doors should feel like they're expanding their realm and exploring new territories while being guided by knowledgeable and experienced mentors.

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