The designer path is one for the true creators among us. The world is so full of untapped beauty and as such the world brings up

designer class character imagining a scene

The joy of creative freedom

When we're kids we're seemingly born with so much creative joy, and we are so proud of the art that we create. We believe that kids can retain that pure joy by finding passions that highlight their artistic talent, and also by having support and recognition of their talents

Creating support through artistry

When you're an artist you have a lot of space for separating yourself from the pack. Many artists these days see a large support network online. We want to help enable the next generation of artistic talent to lead the future of design.

Design with a future in mind

Luckily as the creative economy grows we see more and more opportunity down the road for creatives. Especially as the world becomes more and more digitally intertwined the need for decorating that digital landscape becomes more necessary.