Circuit Hacker

Electronics are a bedrock of modern life. From the phone in your pocket to the newest game console. This path is for those who love harnessing the power of electronics.

circuit hacker class character posing

Creating mechanisms that drive technology

Some kids grow up loving to tear apart their computers or games, see how they tick, and put them back together. Sometimes it's not enough to have a cool technology, we need to know how it works, how it really works. For those interested, there's the path of the circuit hacker.

Leading the world with new electronics

It seems like new technologies have completely revolutionized the way we live in the past hundred years. From computers, to cell phones, to satellites, to 3D printing. The people who lead in these areas can change the course of history by having inventive new ideas.

Electrical engineering to supercharge your future

As the future becomes more and more intertwined with technology, we become more and more dependent on functional and accurate technologies. As such there is a wide world for those who choose this path. Many opportunities will await as future challenges arrive.