3D Game Design

Price: $400
Age: 9-12
Duration: 5 day program, 3 hours per day
Format: In Person Camp
Skills Learned: Unity, C#, Game Design, Game Theory

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About This Camp

Make a game that is uniquely yours using industry leading tools while learning the C# Programming Language! From RPG to adventure game, this camp is all about bringing your story and imagination to life, and at the end you'll have a game that is playable and shareable with your friends.

Tools: Unity 3D, Visual Studio Code, C#

Topics Covered

  • Learn game design, history, and how developers go about creating virtual worlds
  • Designing your own story, game play mechanics, and immersive world for players to move around and interact with
  • Use C# and Unity to create a world, characters, and get them to interact with each other.
  • Import assets from the community into your game
  • Publishing and play testing your game.  

Available Dates

Register For CampsStart Trial
July 10-14 |9am - 12pm
July 17-21 | 9am-12pm
July31-Aug 4 |12:30pm-3:30pm
August 7-11 | 9am-12pm
August 21-25 |9am-12pm

July 10-14 |9am - 12pm
July 17-21 | 9am-12pm
July31-Aug 4 |12:30pm-3:30pm
August 7-11 | 9am-12pm
August 21-25 |9am-12pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these camps appropriate for someone with no experience/tons of experience?
Yes! Our camps are structured to be complete beginner friendly while having several ways of leveling up the tasks to challenge even the most seasoned teen!
Why should by child learn game design with Unity?
Unity is an industry standard tool for creating games, in fact, if you've played videogames any time in the last decade, you've probably played a game that was created in Unity. Unity is a fairly simple tool to get started with and is beginner friendly but is also a powerful tool that when mastered can create games on the level of the best studios out there. You can even publish your games for platforms such as Xbox, Meta Quest, PlayStation, and others

Another bonus is that Unity is available completely free for hobbyists and students!
Does my child need to bring their own laptop?
Nope! We have all the equipment needed, including high end gaming laptops.  If your child wishes to bring their own computer please let us know so we can make sure that it is compatible with our software.