D&D: World and Campaign Design

Price: $400
Age: 12-17
Duration: 5 day program, 3 hours per day
Format: In Person Camp
Skills Learned: Story Building, Roleplaying, Game Mechanics

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About This Camp

This class can teach you how to create a thrilling and mystical adventure for you and your friends to explore at your next DnD session. This class will focus on creating a new world to explore, as well as the trials and tribulations you might encounter in it! You’ll learn how to manipulate the world around you and your players so that you end up with the most thrilling story you could have!

Tools: gsuite, D&D 5e guide, 3D Printing, illustration software

Topics Covered

  • Game design and mechanics
  • Concept and story iteration, focusing on player experience
  • Creating dynamic stories that will engage other players
  • How to deal with uncertainty and build adaptability into your campaign
  • miniature and map creation

Available Dates

July 11-15 | 12:30 pm-3:30 pm | Woburn, MA
August 15-19 | 9 am-12 pm | Woburn, MA
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these camps appropriate for someone with no experience/tons of experience?
Yes! Our camps are structured to be complete beginner friendly while having several ways of leveling up the tasks to challenge even the most seasoned teen!
Does my child need to bring their own laptop or other equipment?
Nope! We have all the equipment needed, including high end gaming laptops.  If your child wishes to bring their own computer please let us know so we can make sure that it is compatible with our software.